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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to know about camping there in the winter?

   Nighttime temperatures get below freezing and there will be snow on the ground! the south rim is 7,200 feet elevation, the north rim is 8,200 feet elevation. 

   We turn off the water at the campsites (check for updates about this on the  RVs & TRAILERS page) and discount the site prices for the inconvenience  of having to use the water fill station. 

   30 amp W&E section is closed until spring.  "Tent hill" is also closed, although we do have a few tent sites still available for those with warm enough gear to withstand the cold.


Do you participate in any discount programs?

     We  offer a 10% discount on site rental prices to active military, veterans, first responders, police and teachers.   

 How far are you from the Grand Canyon?

     We are located one mile south of the South Rim Entrance to Grand Canyon National Park.


 Do you have transportation from your campground into the National Park?


   The National Park Service provides seasonal shuttle buses free of charge with your paid entrance to the Park.  For more shuttle information, go to .


 Do you have any sites available on the dates we plan to arrive?

     We encourage everyone to make reservations at least one month in advance for 50 amp sites and 30 amp full hook up sites. 

      Walk-in guests are always welcome for any sites still available; we have plenty of (30 amp)  water & electric sites (without sewer).   

     Please check "more" for sold out dates. 

 What is there to do in the area?

  Please visit for help in planning your Grand Canyon adventure.   Check out our "activities" page as well.


 What are your rates?

  Site prices are listed on either the RVs & Trailers page or Tent Campers page, and also listed on the reservation form on the left side of the page.


 Are you pet friendly?

   We do allow pets.  We do not have a specific place dedicated to pets. All dogs must be leashed when on the property. Please pick up after your pet. 

  This county does have a dog barking ordinance so do not leave your pet alone in your RV if they are prone to barking.  You could be sited by the Sheriff's office. Please be respectful of your neighbors.


 How many people and vehicles can stay on one site?

   We allow four(4) adults and one vehicle per tent site.  Additional adults will be charged $10 per night each. 

    RV sites are allowed six(6) adults per site.  Additional adults will be charged $10 per night. 

    Our longest 30 amp sites are approximately 35 feet long so extra vehicles depend on the size of your RV. 

    Our 50 amp sites are about 10 feet longer and some are double wide.  Larger trailers or 5th wheels will have to disconnect from their tow vehicle.  


 What size vehicles can you accept?

   Our 30 amp full hook up sites are all different lengths,  the maximum length we allow in this section is 33 feet. 

   Our 30 amp water and electricity sites are all about 30 to 45 feet  and can take larger vehicles, 45 feet plus,  if they can disconnect if towing.        Our 50 amp sites will also accommodate  larger vehicles.  Some of our 50 amp sites are double wide.


 Can we put a tent on our site?  

  You can put up a tent on your site as long as the tent stays within the confines of your site and does not encroach on the site next to you.  You would still be subject to the extra person charge above 6 adults.


 Is the Grand Canyon National Park open?  How much of the park is open?  

   Because of the constantly developing situation at the Grand Canyon National Park, the most reliable source for up to date information is .

  I made a reservation but I did not get a confirmation e-mail. Why?


   The email we send will tell you your reservation confirmation number, your site number and the amount you owe.  Please confirm you arrival  with our staff.

 What if  I arrive after-hours for my reservation? 

   Call us on the day of your arrival and let us know, or respond to the reminder email we will send you on the day of your arrival.  As long as you confirm your reservation and we know you are on your way to us, anyone who has not yet arrived  by closing time should look for their envelope with their name on the front door of the campground office.   There will be a map showing you to your site.   Just remember to come to the office the next morning to finalize your check-in and make payment!

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