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Campground Rules

Check In Time:  12:00 P.M.

Check Out Time:  11:00 A.M.


Quiet Hours:  10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Strictly Enforced


No Generator Use on Property


No 3rd Party Rentals.  All guests in the campground must check in at the front desk.  You may not rent your RV to a 3rd party while it is parked in our campground.


Do not leave pets unattended in your vehicle. Coconino County has as barking ordinance.

Pets must be leashed while outside your vehicle and you must clean up after them.


Speed Limit is 5 mph on Property.  Watch out for families with children playing close to the road. Driving slowly also helps keep the dust down in the summer months.


We are unable to accept or sign for campground guests' mail or packages.  If you need to have something sent to you during your stay, you must be on property when it is delivered,  or it will be returned. Only UPS and FedX deliver to our address.  There is no USPS service here.


We do not allow any music to be played that can be heard outside of your vehicle.  Listening with headphones is required on the property.


Do Not Leave Trash Unattended.  Dispose of all trash bags in campground garbage bins before leaving your site or retiring for the evening. Ravens are very intelligent and determined to get inside any unattended bags regardless of it contents. 


Flying of drones or kites is prohibited due to low flying tour aircraft.


Firing of guns, rifles, fireworks, slingshots and other weapons is prohibited.


All Sales Final:  No Refunds


Water is Precious, No Washing of RV's or Passenger Vehicles, filling swimming pools, running sprinklers or any other outside water hose use.


Unless prohibited by the Forest Service, campfires are allowed only in established fire rings or personal portable fireplaces.  You can request a site with a fire ring when you make your reservation.  If you wish to guarantee a fire on your site, you must bring your own grill or portable fire unit. 


No firewood collecting or tree cutting/trimming anywhere on campground property.  You may only burn the wood you purchase or bring with you.  


Building a fire ring on your site is strictly prohibited. 

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